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Windfind Condos

How far from the beach are the condos?
The condos are within 50m (150 ft.) of the main beach area. See our island maps for illustrations.
Is there a view of the beach from the condos?
The sailing area is visible from the condos, allowing you to check wind conditions any time. See our photo gallery for pictures of the views.
How far from the windsurfing stations are the condos?
A short walk of about 50 meters (150 ft). All the schools are clustered together on a short section of beach.
Do the condos have hot water?
Yes, there is plenty of hot water and excellent water pressure.
Do the condos have air conditioning?
Yes, each condo is equipped with two window air conditioning units.
Do you offer airport pickup/drop-off from the condos?
We have a service for airport pickup. We charge US$5.00/person and US$5.00/person for larger windsurfing equipment/gear bags.

Taxis are also available at the airport. El Yaque is a 5 minute trip from the airport. A taxi from the airport will cost you US$10.00 - US$15.00.

Margarita Wind / Sailing Conditions

What is the best time to come to Margarita for good wind?
The windy season stretches from December to August. The low season is September to November. We have a wind chart of the average wind speed for more details.
Is it windier in the morning or afternoon?
There is wind for everyone. Generally it is windier in afternoon. The mornings with gentler winds are a great time for beginners and for those practicing their tricks and maneuvers.
What direction does the wind blow?
The wind is side / side- on shore with a port tack (wind blows from left to right when looking out from the beach). See this map of El Yaque for an illustration.
Do I need to bring/wear a wet suit or shorty?
Some people like to wear wetsuits for protection against scrapes and bruises. The water temperature is always between 27C-28C (80F-83F) and the air temperature is usually around 30C (86F), so you do not need a wetsuit for warmth. Many people like to wear a lycra shirt to keep the sun off.
Do I need to bring/wear booties?
Booties are recommended for beginners although the sea floor is sandy.
I have my own gear, is it better to bring it or rent?
Most people find that having a full range of ready-to-go sails and boards that you never have to rig very appealing. Not surprising, most guests have preferred the rental option. 

If you bring your own gear, the windsurfing schools will let you store it in their facilities for a small fee so you don't have to cart it back and forth. You should also check with your airline to see if they will allow you to bring your boards and if/how much they will charge you.

Is the water shallow?

It's shallow (waist deep or chest deep) for about 50-75 meters (150 ft).

My friend/spouse is just learning, are conditions good for beginners?
All the schools are well equipped to teach beginners.  Generally speaking, beginners take to the water in the morning (9:30-12 noon) when conditions are ideal for learning.
Are there wave sailing conditions?
The water is mainly flat with ocean swells further out. There are rarely breaking or rolling wave conditions. The steep chop/swells, however, provide some excellent ramps for basic riding, jumps, and loops if your up to it.
What type of gear do the rental shops have?
There are a full range of brands and board sizes to accommodate large or small sailors.  All the major brands are represented: Mistral, Gaastra, Bic, F2, Seatrend, Neil Pryde, AHD, and J.P. to name a few. Many shops also carry a variety of custom freestyle boards.
How many hours per day can I sail?
Margarita winds bring a new meaning to "working morning to night". On a typical day you can start sailing at around 9 am on a larger slalom board and larger sails. At around noon you could come in for lunch, wait to see how much the wind is going to increase then sail solidly on smaller gear until darkness.  Most sailors, having partied late at one of the local beach bars the night before, are thankful that the best wind starts at around noon.
Are there local gear shops in case I forget something? Are the prices reasonable?
There are a couple of small shops in the local hotels for things like harnesses, gloves, clothing.  Prices for clothing, gloves, most gear are reasonable.  The local shop with everything you need is called "The SailFast Shop". They have everything from clothing to boards.  They also make and sell the famous, must-have "Sail Fast, Live Slow" T-Shirt that anyone visiting Margarita must have.
I recently started kite boarding.  Can I rent kite boarding gear in Margarita?
The majority of windsurfing schools also provide kite gear.  Let us know if you are interested in kite boarding and we can book your gear for you.

Money, Exchange, Travel Tips

Which airlines fly to Margarita? Can I fly direct? 
What is the cheapest flight?
Airlines change their routes seasonally.  Start by checking out our travel information page. We have a listing of airlines that fly to Margarita and Caracas (the other nearby international airport).

Do you accept credit card payment?
Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards at this time. Once your booking has been arranged, deposits for your reservation may be made with a check, money order, or money wire.

Normally, all payments are made prior to your arrival, however, if you have made a last-minute booking, you may pay upon your arrival with either a traveler's check, money order, or cash.

What form of money should we carry?
Our recommendation is to carry a small amount of US cash for cab fare when you arrive and the remainder in Traveler's Checks. Bring your credit card as back up.

You can use whatever your country's currency is and exchange it for Venezuelan Bolivars at the exchange house in El Yaque. American currency can be used in restaurants and shops, however, most retailer do not provide a competitive exchange rate. 

You can pay in most places with your credit card, however, there can be a surcharge as high as 10%-15% (Venezuelan Merchant Accounts are charged high commissions by the credit card issuers).  

Should I bring US cash or is my own countries currency OK?
American money is more versatile as it can be used for restaurants, shops, and taxis.  Margarita is an international tourist destination so you will be able to exchange your own country's currency for Venezuelan Bolivars.
Can I pay for my gear rental with a credit card?
Most rental shops allow credit card payment, however, there may be a 2%-10% surcharge.  We would recommend using traveler's checks to pay for your gear rental. 
Where can we exchange money? Where is the best rate?
The exchange house in El Yaque offers excellent rates. Only the banks in Porlamar (about 15 minutes away) offer better rates, however, they only accept credit cards from tourists. 

The line-ups at the banks are notoriously long and slow, so we recommend the local exchange house.

Do I need a visitors/tourist visa to enter the Island?
If you are arriving by plane, you will be issued a tourist card that you must provide again when you leave the country.  Nothing other than your valid passport is required (passports must be valid 6 months beyond your arrival date).  If arriving by boat, you will require a visa.  Please check with your nearest Venezuelan consulate for official information.


Where can I buy groceries?
There are 2 small groceries shops in El Yaque which offer basic supplies (milk, bread, eggs, fruit). A short round-trip cab ride to one of the large supermarkets in Porlamar will cost you about (US25.00), however, there you can find just about anything you need.
Where/how can I rent a car?
We would recommend booking ahead if you really need a car. You can book your car rental on-line with Hertz or Budget.  Jeep and car rentals from a few companies are also available in El Yaque. 

Expect to pay between US$30.00-$40.00 per day (plus insurance and taxes) for a small compact car with manual transmission.  Discounts of 10%-15% are common for rentals longer than five days.  A typical rental for one week will run around the US$300-$400 range with all charges included.

Is there a place where I can access my email?
A hotel in El Yaque offers email and web access for a small fee. We recommend setting up a web mail account (e.g., Yahoo or Hotmail) if you need to keep in touch while you are away.
Is kiteboarding/kitesurfing offered in El Yaque?
Yes, there are several windsurfing schools that offer lessons in kite surfing. We can arrange rental for you. El Yaque is a great place to learn because of the shallow water.

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