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Margarita Island Guide 

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Margarita Island is not just known among windsurfing fanatics. Visitors from around the world know Margarita as a fantastic vacation destination. A variety of activities, from the relaxing to the exhilarating, await you on our island.

General Information: Margarita Island
Quick Facts
Size Margarita Island is approximately 1,000 Square Kms (115,000 hectares). With over 250Kms (160 miles) of beaches.
Languages Spanish (official).  English, German, French & others spoken in tourist areas.
Larger Towns Porlamar, La Asunción (capital), Pampatar, Juangriego.
Population Approximately 300,000
Geography Margarita Island is actually two islands connected by a more narrow strip of land. The east side is more populated and green, while the west side called Peninsula de Macanao has a desert like environment.

Just to the south lie the islands of Coche and Cubagua, which often make for a good day trip by charter boats. All three islands make up the State of Nueva Esparta.

Current Conditions & Forecasts
Note: the wind conditions reported on current conditions are typically those of Porlamar, the major center on the island.  El Yaque is the windiest spot on the Island and is always much windier than Porlamar.

One of the most consistent winds in the world Wind is what makes El Yaque one of the greatest windsurfing spots. 

wind chart

The wind chart shows the average wind speed per month. This means that an "average" day in the spring, for example, is about 25 knots and as many as 50% of days in that month will be more than 25 knots. 


The temperature averages about 27C(85F)year round, with the highs reaching up to 37C(100F) during the northern summer, and the lows down to 24C(75F) during the northern winter, with the island breezes providing a moderating effect.  Average yearly rainfall is very low.
Margarita Forecast Links
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Maps of Margarita Island
Location of 
Margarita Island
Location of El Yaque on Margarita Island Location of Windfind Condos in El Yaque
Satellite Map
of Island
Whether you are a thrill-seeker or a nature enthusiast, you will find plenty to occupy your days on Margarita Island!
In the Air
One of the best views of Margarita Island can be had from the air. Several beaches offer flights in ultra-lights and para-sailing at reasonable prices.
On the Ground
For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, Margarita Island boasts fabulous weather to enjoy your favorite activity. 

A challenging 18-hole golf course is located on the northern tip of the island. 

Horseback riding is available on the Macanao peninsula for beginner and advanced level riders alike. This is a great way to experience the beauty of Margarita’s wilderness. 

If hiking is more your style, you will definitely want to explore Margarita’s numerous parks. The diverse conditions on the island allow you to explore mountain rain forests one day and deserts the next.

In the Water
There is no doubt that Margarita Island is best known for its beautiful beaches and clear, warm water. Other than windsurfing and kiteboarding you can enjoy many other water sports.

Jet Ski
Jet ski rentals area available at several beaches, making it easy for you to choose a flat water or choppy venue. 

Several beaches are known for their medium to large waves that draw surfers of every skill level.

SCUBA / Snorkel
Margarita’s warm Caribbean waters are home to a spectacular array of sea life. Scuba diving and snorkeling are very popular and always exciting. 

Yachting/Sailing & Fishing
Boat and catamaran trips are easily arranged to take you to some of the best spots in the area. Fishing excursions can also be arranged.

Arranging Tours & Excursions
A local travel and tour office right in El Yaque is located across the road from Windfind Condos.  The travel agent there is very helpful and can book you on excursions around the island or to Angel Falls, the mainland, and the surrounding islands.
For an insider’s look at Margarita Island, take a guided tour. A variety of exciting and affordable excursions are available and booking arrangements can be made right from El Yaque.

Jeep Tours
Jeep tours of the island are always and adventure. You’ll be surprised at the variety of terrain the island has to offer (from deserts to mountain rain forests) and you’ll be amazed at the driver’s skill at handling it all.

Horseback Tour
For a more natural look at the island’s environment, try a guided tour on horseback. Riders of all levels will find the tour informative and enjoyable.

Boating Tours & SCUBA/Snorkeling
The water is what Margarita is famous for and you’ll be able to find a tour to suit everyone in your group. Catamarans, sailboats, and fishing boats all offer excursions for snorkelers, scuba divers, beach hoppers, and fishermen. Day trips and overnight excursions are available for those wanting to tour Margarita’s coastline or visit neighboring islands. To get a look at Margarita’s inner waterways, consider the Laguna boat tour.

Fly to Angel Falls
The world famous Angel Falls on the mainland of Venezuela is a popular excursion for visitors to Margarita Island. Flights to the falls depart at a variety of times and overnight accommodation is available.

Sites and Attractions
Margarita Island is steeped in history and offers site seers plenty of forts, churches, and ruins that date back to the discovery of the island. Many of the historical sites have museums that trace the discovery and development of the island.
Margarita is a duty free island and, as a result, boasts world- famous shopping. Margarita’s incredible shopping has made it a popular port of call for cruise ships. Subsequently, most stores offer service in a variety of languages

You can find the world’s top labels as you stroll through the boutiques and shops in Porlamar. Everything from clothing, cosmetics, and perfume to sporting goods and specialty foods can be had for reasonable, and often bargain, prices. 

Shopping Tours
Shopping day tours are a popular option for those who want to take in the island’s best shopping without worrying about the details of getting to and from the shopping districts.

Local Artisans
Local pottery and Venezuelan crafts are available along the scenic drive through and around the mountains.  One of the most abundant collections can be found in a museum/shop about 5-10 minutes north of El Yaque on the road to Juan Griego.

Nightlife and Entertainment
El Yaque offers several small beach bars and fine cuisine. 

However, if you’re after trendy restaurants and discotheques, you’ll want to head to Porlamar for the evening. Chefs from around the world cater to every taste. 

The streets of Porlamar come alive each night once the discotheques open their doors. Modern and lively, Porlamar’s nightclubs rival the world’s best.

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