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Passport & Visa Requirements: Tourists

Passport and visa requirements for Venezuela differ depending upon your country of residence.

Visitors Visas : Visitors from Canada, the UK, and the US do not require visitor visas for stays up to 90 days (full list of countries that do not require visitor visas). For information on obtaining a visitor visa, consult the Venezuelan Consulate.

Requirements for Countries where a Visitor Visa is Not Required :
Visitors from countries that do not require a visitor visa must travel with a passport that is valid for at least six months after your scheduled departure from Venezuela. A return or onward ticket is also required. (reference: Canadian Travel Info: Entry/Exit Requirements for Venezuela).

Requirements for visitors travelling for business, study/education are subject to different requirements and procedures. Check with your nearest Venezuelan Consulate for information.


Direct Flights To Margarita
From Canada
Direct, non-stop charter flights from Toronto or Montreal to Margarita Island are operated by Air TransatAir Transat typically schedules weekly flights (departing/arriving on Friday) during the winter travel season (November - March).
Air Transat's flight schedule is normally available in late August or early September. Prices will vary throughout the travel season.   The typical cost for a two-week return flight from Toronto or Montreal is CDN$650.00 (US$390.00). 

From the U.S.
Venezuelan airlines such as Aeropostal and Avensa fly regularly scheduled direct flights from Miami and New York. Aeropostal, for example, has flights out of Miami every Wednesday and Saturday. 

Chicago to Margarita Island
Apple Vacations has, in the past, operated a seasonal charter from Chicago direct to Margarita Island.  While they currently do not offer this charter, they may pick it up in the future.  Check with Apple, your travel agent, or find an Apple-Authorized agent in your state in case they pick up this charter in the future.

From Other Countries
See the airline information below for a listing of airlines by region that fly into Margarita.


Charter Flights to Margarita
Your travel agent is the best source for information on charter flights. Charters only operate during the high tourism seasons (typically November - March)  and run on a rigid schedule, but can offer significant cost savings if you are planning a one or two week stay.  Charter operators sometimes charge significantly more if you plan to stay longer than two weeks.

Charter flights are normally part of complete vacation packages, however, your travel agent can likely arrange a price for airfare only.  


Connecting to Margarita via Caracas, Venezuela
If you cannot find a direct flight that works for you, then you have to fly into the Venezuelan capital of Caracas and connect via a domestic flight to the Island.  The flight from Caracas to Margarita lasts about 35 minutes and costs about US$50 each way.  Daily flights to Margarita commence in the morning and stop at around 8 p.m.  When connecting via Caracas, ensure that your flight arrives as early in the day as possible. 

Overnight Stay in Caracas
The Caracas International Airport is a half hour drive from Caracas in the coastal town of Mucato. If you have to spend the night on the mainland, you can either go into Caracas or find some accommodations in Macuto.   Hotels in Macuto include the Hotel Hidalgo, Hotel Quince Letras, and Hotel Santiago, all of which range in price from US$30 to $40 per room. There is also a Sheraton Macuto that charges about US$150/room.


Arriving By Boat from Outside Venezuela
If you are traveling the Caribbean Sea and planning to arrive in Margarita by boat, you may need a special visitor visa.

There are always exceptions, please check with your nearest Venezuelan Consulate for visitor visa requirement information.


Arriving By Ferry from the Venezuelan Mainland
For those planning to tour the mainland by car, daily ferry service from Puerto La Cruz to Margarita Island is available. 

An older ferry takes about four and a half hours, while the newer ferry takes about two hours.  Because you will be arriving on Margarita from the mainland, no special visitor visa will be required.  If you are renting a car on the mainland, be sure to verify that your car rental agreement does not contain any restrictions regarding transport off the mainland.

Ferry Schedule
Puerto La Cruz to Margarita 7am, 6pm
Margarita to Puerto La Cruz  10am, 9pm
Ferry Rates   (approx US$)
Car $39.00
Jeep/Van/Truck $49.00
Person (no vehicle) $23.00


Airport Information

The international airport code, which is useful for booking flights or car rentals, is PMV. The code for the other major airport in the region, Caracas International, is CRS.

For full details on Margarita Island's Airport visit their official web site. Margarita's airport, General Santiago Mariño Caribbean International Airport, serves a number of national airlines and charter companies. Margarita’s domestic and international terminals both have:

  • duty free shopping
  • cafeterias
  • restaurants
  • automated banking systems
  • currency exchange bureaus 


Airport Departure Taxes
Departure taxes are due when you obtain your boarding pass. Make sure you have enough cash on hand before proceeding to check your baggage. Travellers cheques and credit cards CANNOT be used to pay for the departure tax.
Departure Type Fee (approx. $US)
International $45 US 
Domestic (destinations within Venezuela) US$4.00 
from Porlamar

from Caracas


Airline Information & Links
We have tried to provide the most accurate listings possible. However, airlines are constantly changing routes and code-sharing agreements. Please verify all information with your travel agent or airline.

If your national airline is not listed here, please double check with your travel agent or tour operator.

If your travel agent is not familiar with arranging flights to Margarita, providing him/her with some of the airline information below will help. A more complete listing of international flights into Margarita Island and the surrounding region is available at the Caribbean Aviation Web Site.

Airlines with flights to Margarita Island and/or Caracas
From To Airlines
U.S.A. & Canada Caracas American Airlines, Lan Chile, Servivensa, United Airlines, Air Canada
  Margarita Island Aeropostal, Avensa, AirAruba, Air Transat, Apple Tours
Europe  Caracas Alitalia, Air France, British Airways, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, TAP
  Margarita Island Air Europe, Condor, Dusseldorf, LTU, Martin Air, UK Leisure, Oasis, UK Monarch, Air Plus
Central & South America  Caracas Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeroperu, Avianca, Cubana de Aviacion, Lacsa, Lan Chile, Lloyd Aereo Boliviano, Mexicana de Aviacion, Saeta, Servivensa, Varig, Zuliana de Aviacion
  Margarita Island Dinar, LADE, LAPA, Zuliana de Aviacion, Avensa, Aeropostal, Acerca, and Laser
Caribbean  Caracas AirAruba, Air France, A.L.M., Aserca, BIWIA, Lacsa,LIAT, Servivensa, LTA


Airline Links: Links to airline web sites
For the latest news and industry information on all international airlines visit the Airlines Reporting Corporation

Airline Code Notes
Aereotuy TU Based on Margarita Island. Flights to surrounding tourist attractions (Angel Falls, Los Roques etc.)
Aeropostal VH

Flights direct to Margarita from Miami.

Flights direct from Toronto and Montreal Canada to Margarita.
American Airlines


Flights to Caracas from U.S. (partner route with Aeropostal).
Avensa - Servivensa VC - VE

Flights direct to Margarita from Miami.
British Airways BA

Operates seasonal charters and direct flights to Margarita from London.
Canadian Airlines / Air Canada


Flights to Caracas partnered with American Airlines and some Venezuelan airlines.
Continental Airlines CO

Flights to Caracas.
Delta Airlines


Flights to Caracas from the U.S.
Laser LER

Connecting flights from Caracas to Margarita Island.


Flights from Europe direct to the region.
United Airlines


Code shared flights to Caracas
TAP TAP Flights from Portugal direct to Caracas



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