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Margarita Island is famous among windsurfers throughout the world. With its strong, consistent wind, warm water, and beautiful temperature, its not surprising that Margarita Island hosts Professional Windsurfing Association competitions each year. Margarita is not just for the pro’s, though. Windsurfers at all levels seek out the favorable conditions at Playa El Yaque.
Margarita Island is out of the hurricane belt and El Yaque’s waters are not plagued by jelly fish, sharks, or intrusive reefs.

The side on shore wind is generally lighter in the morning, giving beginners the perfect opportunity to get their bearings. Around 1:00pm, the wind fills in and blows steadily until nightfall! El Yaque’s shallow area extends for 100m, providing the perfect conditions for beginners and those practicing their tricks and maneuvers.

Typically, you can sail on larger sails/boards in the morning during the lighter winds and switch to smaller gear in the stronger afternoon winds.

Wind & Wave
One of the most consistent winds in the world Wind is what makes El Yaque one of the greatest windsurfing spots. See the island guide for a summary of the climate and the current conditions.

wind chart

A combination of trade winds (the prevailing winds that blow through the Caribbean) and a thermal wind produced by the desert-like conditions on the west side of the island make the wind at El Yaque steady and predictable. The wind is so consistent, in fact, that many rental shops are able to offer wind guarantees.  

Each day, a moderate wind begins at around 9:00am. The wind builds in the morning and around 1:00pm the strong winds kick in and blow until 5:00-6:00pm.

The water at El Yaque, Margarita Island is primarily flat with larger ocean swells and chop further out.  On a windy day these swells provide excellent ramps and riding, however, conditions at El Yaque do not produce large, consistent rolling waves.

Skill Levels and Abilities
Windsurfing on Margarita Island is enjoyable for everyone. The shallow water, moderate morning winds, and abundance of windsurfing schools provide beginners with the perfect learning conditions. 

During the strong afternoon winds, intermediate and advanced windsurfers hone heir skills and enjoy the fast, flat water sailing.


Ideal Conditions for beginners/intermediate in the mornings

Bigger winds for more skill in the afternoon

Gear Rentals and Lessons
  • We can book your windsurfing equipment rental for you to ensure that you have it reserved. Schools do fill up and we recommend booking ahead.
  • Discounts on gear are available when you book ahead of time through Windfind.
  • El Yaque beach is lined with windsurfing shops and schools representing every major name. The latest in equipment is rigged and at your fingertips at competitive rates. Lessons are very affordable and highly recommended. It is the best way to reduce your frustration and increase your sailing time. Expert staff offer service and lessons in almost any language you’ll need.
  • You will find information about a few of the equipment rental shops below. All windsurfing clubs are within a 1 to 5 minute walk from Windfind Condos.
The Happy Center
The Happy Centre has the latest windsurfing equipment and offers lessons at very reasonable rates. The professional and friendly staff will ensure you get the most out of your windsurfing vacation.
F2 Boards
Wave 251/256/264
Air 260
Axxis 261/267/273
New Move 280
Ride 277/282
Xantos 295/310
Phoenix 320/340
Tandem 380
and beginner boards
North Sails
Planet Windsurfing
Looking for a more relaxed atmosphere? Then Planet Windsurfing is the place for you! Top of the line Mistral and F2 boards, outfitted with Gaastra sails are at your disposal. Now if that's not enough - free daily seminars are offered on a variety of windsurfing matters.


Approximately 80 boards and over 100 sails
Mistral Boards Volume (litres)
Custom Flow 85,95,105,120,95,105,120
Vision 130
Super Vision 161, 191
Malibu 325
F2 Board Models Length / Volume (litres) 
Maui Project Wave 8'2" / 75
8'4" / 81
8'5" / 87
8'3" / 87
8'3" / 95
Maui Project Style 8'7" / 105 
Gaastra Sails
Flow 2X
Flow Zero X
(all sizes available)
Club Nathalie Simon
Services available include lessons, harness rental, and excursions.
Rookie 335
Techno 283
Veloce 278, 288
Saxo 264, 279
Free Race 289
Free Speed 275
Carve 265
Wave 259, 279
Onshore 254
All boards are equipped with Neil Pryde sails

What to Bring
With the variety of competitively priced rental options, most people prefer to rent rather than lug their board and sails to the island. The standard rental package includes boards and fully rigged sails (complete with harness lines). You will, however, need to bring your own harness, lifejacket, gloves and shoes (if you use them), and a lycra for the sun. Plenty of sunscreen is also recommended.

If you choose to bring your rig with you, arrangements can be made to store your gear when you are not on the water.

Forgot Something?
Several surf shops stocked with the latest gear and apparel line the main street in El Yaque to supply you with anything you left behind (and those items you will discover you can’t live without).

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